Price Review: New Agency Banking Charges

Effective from Friday January 15, 2021, our new Agency Banking Charges take effect.

After much reviews, we are pleased to announce that our partners will no longer pay Monthly Charges, Stamp duty and any Additional charges. The below charges will now apply to bands withdrawals.


We want to thank our partners for trusting us and for continued their patronage and partnership. We strongly believe that the new price review will effectively boost our continued partnership and relationship.

For more information, please call 0700CALLITEX (0700 2255 4839) or send a mail to: or

Thank you for choosing ITEX.

Why you should never save passwords on your web browser

Passwords are known to be the bane of many users’ existence, because they’re one of the only ways we have to secure our accounts.
But these accounts are frequently compromised.

When you allow a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari to store passwords, you’re putting your network security at risk.

How easy it is to view passwords in modern web browsers, is a very good reason why you should never allow a web browser to remember your passwords

On Linux, Chrome browser will allow users to view saved logins, even without requiring a user password.

Although on Windows and mac OS, a user password is required.

Firefox, on the other hand, gives instant access to those passwords, without authentication, regardless of platform (unless a master password is set).

Like Chrome, Safari at least hides passwords behind a user’s password. The difference between Firefox and Safari is the password isn’t optional in Apple’s browser.

This means regardless of environments or browser types, those saved logins are there, for anyone to view.


How easy it is to view saved passwords?

  • On either the Windows 10 or mac OS platforms you will be prompted for a user password in order to access saved passwords in Chrome.
  • Linux, on the other hand, it gives the user instant access, without prompting for authentication.
  • Firefox will give you access to those passwords without authentication, regardless of platform.

However, there are plenty of tools available (such as iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer), which make it possible for a user to reset a Windows password and get around this hurdle.

Even on the Windows and macOS operating systems, there are ways around the password prompt by Inspecting Element window of a browser, you can edit the code of a page in such a way that it will un-hash a user password.


How to save yourself from these security risk?


Don’t allow your browser to save your passwords. None of them.
If you do, those passwords are vulnerable.
An access to your computer either (remotely or physically) opens up these vulnerabilities.

Unless you use Safari or the Master Password feature in Firefox, those passwords are available for anyone to see.

If you must store password on the browser, make use of a password manager.
By doing so, the likelihood of someone viewing your passwords is considerably lower.
It’s not perfect, but it’s far better than handing over the security of your passwords to a web browser.

“Better safe, than sorry,” Cheers.

How to relieve stress at work

TIP 1:

Plan your tasks ahead of time

Being organized with your time means less rushing in the morning to avoid being late and rushing to get out at the end of the day.

TIP 2:

Create your comfort

Do what you can to ensure that you’re working from a quite, comfortable and soothing workspace.

TIP 3:

Know your deliverables

If you find yourself falling into the trap of never knowing if what you’re doing is enough, it may help to have a talk with your supervisor and go over expectations, and strategies for meeting them. This can relieve stress for both of you.

ITEX Bags CBN Most Efficient Payment Terminal Service Provider Award (2019)

In line with the circular BPSD/DIR/GEN/CIR/01/012 from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) dated September 18, 2014 on Electronic Payments Incentive Scheme (EPIS), as part of the

components of EPIS, NIBSS was mandated to work in collaboration with CBN to host periodic efficiency awards with the objective of driving innovation, performance and efficiency across the value chain in the Nigerian Payment Space.


The “CBN Electronic Payments Efficiency Awards” is an annual event to recognize, incentivize, reward and encourage stakeholders in the Payments space. It has recognized and appreciate ITEX Integrated Services with an award of ” Most Efficient PTSP

This award is for the Payment Terminal Service Provider’s outstanding performance in achieving the highest number of Active Point of Sales (POS) Terminal management on behalf of banks in 2018. “The PTSP with the highest active terminals in 2018

This achievement has been realized with ITEX’s efforts to creating sustainable business practices and giving people greater access to the financial system, creating a more diverse group of engaged contributors and participants


Congrats TEAM

Itex unveils a refreshed brand identity, introduces new range of services


The Financial Technology Sector in Nigeria has evolved so much that simple and clean solutions are being developed to foster trust between retailers and consumers.

Thus making it more difficult to get consumers to trust the process and operation of Fintechs and the value e-commerce adds to Nigeria.

This is where Itex Integrated Services Limited who have continued to dedicate a lot of time and effort to ease e-Payment solutions come in.

This is where Itex Integrated Services Limited who have continued to dedicate a lot of time and effort to ease e-Payment solutions come in.

Itex Integrated Services Limited, an innovative FinTech company that designs and deploys secure solutions to diverse customers has announced plans to expand its range of services for the Pan-African market. The company has also refreshed its brand identity to reflect its growth and transformation.


The company has expanded its products and service offerings from payment channels to include PAYVICE, TAMS, IPAY (Internet Payment Gateway), AFRIMART and bespoke services for clients. This move has highlighted ITEX as forward thinking and as supportive of the government’s push for a cashless economy.


This brand revamp reflects the company’s unique approach to delivering flawless payment solutions. The creative mix of deep blue, pale blue and lime green signify stability, freshness, professionalism and nobility, reinforcing the company’s ethos as an innovative Fintech company with secured solutions.

“During this growth phase, the company will continue to expand its client base and technology partners. Consequently, FinTech start-ups will be able to accelerate their business growth by leveraging ITEX’s robust infrastructure and network.”


Expanded range of service included

ITEX Point-of-Sale (POS) software/terminals – ITEX POS terminal application software is highly robust, with extreme flexibilities that allow for customized transactions (both traditional and digital) required by merchants or acquirers. ITEX has an extensive client portfolio spanning 19 African countries, with more than 67,000 POS terminals deployed to merchants, commercial banks, agent network, transnational corporations and governments across Africa.



PAYVICE is a value-added platform, which includes an electronic wallet system that enables funds transfers, utility, transport and logistics, airtime/data purchase and bill payments. PAYVICE also enables QR Code payments, wallet to wallet transfer and account to wallet transfer.



TAMS – ITEX’s Terminal Application Management System (TAMS) platform, is a highly robust and multifunctional e-commerce platform with features including EMV cards switching and processing capabilities, as well as digital payment channels with features like QR code payment, reporting and automated fraud prevention systems, to name a few. TAMS also enables the distribution of value-added services like vending electronic airtime


Itex Internet Payment Gateway is a platform for processing online payments for online retailers, Omni channels or traditional brick and mortar stores.



Afrimart is a platform designed to create new business opportunities for African SMEs and general merchants on the quest for growth and expansion by creating visibility and accessibility to African buyers and suppliers.


ITEX’s environmental efforts involve creating sustainable business practices and giving people greater access to the financial system, creating a more diverse group of engaged contributors and participants.


ITEX Commendation by NIBSS

The ’Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System” presented ITEX Limited with the Commendation Award 2017. This award is presented to the corporation that exhibited great contributions, commitments, and hard work for the successful execution of the NIBBS project.

PTSP Of The Year

ITEX has been awarded the ’Payment Terminal Service Provider of the Year’ for their many achievements and contributions towards building a stable Nigerian economy. This award was presented to ITEX during the Nigeria Technology Award (NiTA) Ceremony.

The Nigeria Techology Award is an award organized to celebrate and reward key players in Nigeria’s technology industry.

ITEX chosen for CBN’s PTSP initiative

Newly licensed Payment Terminal Service Providers (PTSPs) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) are working assiduously to mitigate the infrastructure bottlenecks that threaten the smooth take-off of government’s proposed ‘Cashless Nigeria Project’.

This is even as the CBN steps us engagements sessions with stakeholders to create buy-in and ensure maximum public awareness. Firstly, PTSPs have disclosed plans to deploy 150, 000 Point of Sale (PoS) terminal in Nigeria by the end of 2012. This, they say would enable Nigerians conduct cashless transactions in the country and around the world.

In a clear indication of the CBN’s optimism about the prospects and advantages of moving the economy into cashless mode, the apex bank licensed six PTSPs with the singular mandate to deploy and manage PoS terminals in Nigeria. The six successful firms are ITEX, Paymaster, Etop, Citiserve, ValuCard and EasyFuel. CBN licensed only these firms, to enable the PTSPs build scale and maximise efficiency. These six firms, according to industry watchers are tested and trusted e-payment firms that provide e-business infrastructure with the objective of establishing and running a secure, reliable and scalable network.